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Spiritual trek 1 day

Inca trail Cusco

Apu Wanakaure


07:00 am

Time : 6:50 am

Contact and transfer to

We will arrive at your hotel in Cusco, to transport it in a 30-minute van to the Wimpillay sector.

07:40 am

Brief ceremony to ask permission.

Our guide will reach you Kintu (Coca live) we will ask permission and have a good path.

08:10 am

Beginning of the spiritual trek.

Slowly we will ascend to the great Apu Wanakaure (3 hours), at the beginning the road is laid, then it is climbed by Inka road. We will have three stops (relax, connection and breathing)

At noon

Pachamama offering

Main ceremony of thanks to Mother Earth Pachamama. Connection and meditation exercises.

01:00 pm

Lunch and fire conection

During the climb we will collect firewood to make a fire at lunchtime

Organized in a circle, we will ingest our natural foods and water or infusions.

02:30 pm

Return to Cusco walking and by bus.

We begin our descent walk, at some point along the way we will stop to perform Andean exercises.

  • The program provides round trip tourist transport to the point of the trek.
  • Spiritual guide.
  • Master plants and florida water.
  • Advice for connection exercises.
  • The elements, flowers, seeds, candies and wine for the offering.
  • Fruits and infusions to share.
The experience is about enjoying and it is recommended to bring:
  • Clothes for cold and heat with rain poncho.
  • Sombrero and polo shirts long sleeve.
  • Mountain hiking shoe.
  • Water and dry fry.
  • Stones (if you handle power stones, you can bring them)

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